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seafood stuffed conchiglie

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Stuffed pasta Shells
Shell Pasta(large shells) cooked and shocked 8ea
Bread crumbs 3C
Whole egg 1ea or 2ea (if small)
Bacon(chopped) 4ea
Parmesan grated 1/4 C
Red bell pepper 1/4 ea (chopped fine)
Onion/shallot (chopped) 1/4C
Garlic (chopped) 2ea cloves
Shrimp (rough chop) 6-8 ea
Crawfish tails(rough chop) 3ozw
Chicken stock 1/8C
Dijon 2T
Tabasco 2T
Marinara(homemade or store bought)1-1  1/4C
Alfredo or homemade white cheese sauce 1-1  1/4 C
Salt and pepper as needed
Spinach salad
Lemon juice 2T
Olive oil 3T
Shallot(chopped fine) 1T
Garlic clove (chopped fine)1ea
Dijon 1tsp
Salt and pepper as needed
Spinach baby 2C
Pine nut (roasted) 2T
Asiago/parmesan cheese(shaved) 1ozw
Egg hard boiled(chopped) 1/2 ea
Cherry tomato(cut in 1/2) 3-4 ea
kalamata olive 4-6ea
For stuffing saute bacon over med-high heat in sauce pot with onion/shallot, garlic, bell pepper, shrimp and crawfish. When mixture is almost cooked through, remove from heat and let mix cool. When mix is cool to touch place seafood mix, bread crumbs, stock, dijon, tabasco, cheese, egg and salt and pepper in food processor and blend until puree forms. Mix should resemble loose cookie dough. To adjust thickness of mix just add more bread crumb to thicken or chicken stock to loosen. Once desired thickness is achieved place stuffing in shells and set aside. Using homemade or store bought marinara, place marinara on bottom of baking casserole dish. Place stuffed shells on top of marinara. Top shells with Alfredo or homemade white cheese sauce, place in 350f oven until internal temp. of stuffing is 165f. For salad combine first 6 ingredients and whisk until mixed thoroughly. Toss in remaining ingredients and serve on the side of stuffed pasta shells. Enjoy!
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