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Convicted killer escapes sentencing

Posted: Updated: July 19, 2012 06:49 PM

Story by: Jordyn Taylor

Bastrop, La. (KNOE 8 News) - The father of murdered Tracy Edmonds walked out of court angry after learning that her ex-boyfriend and convicted killer is asking the courts for a re-trial.

"My daughter was gunned down, and Mr. Long was gunned down," said Robert Edmonds. "And we're still playing games. I want to bring this to a conclusion because they have to relive this every time they come down here."

"We have been trying to show throughout this incident who actually committed the murder," said Crossley's attorney Lewis Scott.

When asked if Crossley's own daughter testify against him, Scott said: "Perhaps it's his own daughter, I'm not sure if it's his daughter or not."

"His daughter testified," said District Attorney Steven Sylvester.  "The victim's daughter testified and she identified that Mr. Crossley shot her mom and they found him guilty, it's as simple as that."

But Crossley is still maintaining his innocence and wants a new trial. The news is devastating for the two families.

"Tracy's son called me that morning in September crying that his mother had been shot and Mr. Long who was an only child," said Edmonds. "And now we're going through a kangaroo justice of filing this motion and that motion, and I believe that everyone should get justice but enough of this."

"I can't explain how I really feel because I've been so hurt - that was my only child," said Long's mother Mary Murphy. "And they took the only child I had from me and I don't think I will ever have a complete closure."

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