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Sauerbraten BBQ Sandwich

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Sauerbraten BBQ
Chuck roast 2-3#
Olive oil 5T
Garlic clove(chopped)2ea
Shallot (chopped) 2ea
Brown sugar 1/4-1/2C
Red wine vinegar 1C
Beef stock 2-3C
BBQ sauce 3T
Worcestershire 2T
Fresh thyme 2T
Smoked ham hock or pigs feet 2ea
Sourdough bread(sliced 1/2" thick & toasted) 2pcs
White cheddar cheese(finely shredded) 1/2C
Salt and pepper to taste
Cabbage(thinly sliced) 2C
Caraway seed(crushed&chopped) 2T
Dijon mustard 1T
Olive oil 2T
Apple cider vinegar 1T
Honey 1T
Salt and pepper to taste
Red pepper aioli(mayonnaise)
Red bell pepper(roasted, peeled, seeded and pureed) 1ea
Mayonnaise 1/2C
Salt and pepper to taste
For beef take 2T of olive oil, S&P and rub on roast. Put other 2T olive oil in a Dutch oven and turn on burner to med-high heat. When oil gets hot sear beef on all sides. Once beef is seared add garlic and shallot and reduce heat to med. Once garlic and shallot are translucent add vinegar, beef stock, BBQ, brown sugar, thyme, Worcestershire and ham hock. Reduce heat to low and cover Dutch oven with lid. Cook roast until fork tender. If additional liquid needs to be added use water or more beef stock. Once beef is tender adjust seasoning, turn off heat and place to side. Take slices of sourdough and brown in a pan on med heat with 1T olive oil. Once bread is browned remove from heat and top with finely shredded white cheddar. For sauerkraut combine all ingredients and place in refrigerator until needed. For red pepper mayo combine all ingredients together and place in refrigerator until needed. To serve place one piece of sourdough on plate, top with beef, sauerkraut, pepper mayo and second piece of sourdough. Enjoy
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