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Police find lollipops laced with drugs

Posted: Updated: May 9, 2012 06:24 PM

Story by: Jordyn Taylor

MONROE, La. (KNOE 8 News) - Lincoln Parish Sheriff Mike Stone said drug dealers are finding sweet ways to get you high. A box full of lollipops laced with cannabis oil also known as marijuana - were found inside a Ruston home during a drug bust Tuesday - along with thousands of dollars worth of marijuana, LSD, hash, and guns.

"We had and investigation going on for several months and it was very successful," said Stone. "We were able to get some stuff off these streets that we feel like are some of the most dangerous stuff that we've seen here. Things like lollipops that anybody would walk by and think that it's a regular sucker and it's laced obviously with a cannabis drug."

The cannabis pops are believed to sell for about thirty dollars a pop, what officers are most concerned is it's attraction to children.

"If that would be lost, and some child would come by and pick that up, or even an adult," said Stone. "We don't know the amount of THC in it but I can tell you, it's going to be very high, and anybody that would take that sucker and suck the whole thing is going to have an extreme high."

"I can see it being a potential problem to someone being given one as a prank," said Grambling Police Chief Tommy Clark. "Also to cause someone to become addicted to a certain kind of drug without their knowledge.

Now that police are aware of the laced lollipops Sheriff Stone said they are going to do what they can to keep them off the streets. He has a message for violators:

"If you're doing this were going to catch you in Lincoln Parish," said Stone. "We're going get you."

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