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Megamillion mania brings Mississippians to Louisiana

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By Victoria Shirley

MONROE, La. (KNOE 8 News)- A record 540 million dollar megamillion lottery jackpot, has people everywhere seeing dollar signs. But not all states participate and Mississippi is one of them, but people from there are still finding a way to get their hands on a lottery ticket.

Business at a Louisiana Chevron station in Delta is non-stop. Thousands flocked here with dreams of winning a multi-state lottery game.  "Crazy the whole week, crazy" said a cashier describing the environment.

Many of the could-be millionaires are from Mississippi, a state that doesn't participate in the lottery. The Chevron gas station in Delta is the first stop coming in from the neighboring state.
Heather Parker drove an hour to buy her ticket, but she says it's worth it.

"I guess just the chance, everybody has the same odds so the chance to win that much money is something I'm willing to do." said Heather Parker.

The half billion dollar jackpot is the largest in United States history. Worker Alvin Brown says it's the reason why so many Mississippians cross the border for tickets. "We're glad to see everyone trying to win money, everybody deserves some money in their pocket." said Chevron employee Alvin Brown.

Stastically speaking, the chances of winning are slim, but that isn't stopping people from buying tickets and hoping to get lucky.

"When you're looking at this line, you are looking at a million different dreams. I've heard the money being spent on everything from four wheelers, motor homes, airplanes, jets, what they're going to do with the money, it's fun to listen to the stories all day everyday." said Chevron employee Chris Barkley.

Over a hundred thousand tickets have been sold at the gas station, this week alone. With dreams of winning, cashier Alicia Flaggs says customers always promise her one thing, "They all promise to come back and buy me a mercades bins." said Flaggs.

The drawing will happen tomorrow and the odds of winning are one in one hundred and 76 million.

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