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Sofrito deviled eggs and Petit antipasti cups

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Sofrito deviled eggs
  • Sofrito(see recipe) 1/4 C
  • Eggs(hard boiled, peeled,cut in 1/2) 12ea
  • Egg yolks 12ea
  • Mayonnaise 1T
  • Boursin Cheese 1ea 4ozw
  • Chives(chopped)1/2 pkg
  • Bell peppers(red and green) stripped 1/2 of ea
  • Olive oil 1/8 C
  • Garlic clove 3ea
  • Rosemary (picked) 1 sprig
  • Cumin ground 1/2tsp
  • Salt and pepper (as needed)
Petit antipasti cups
  • Salami (thinly sliced)12ea
  • Kalamata olives (pitted)12ea
  • Parmesan(cubed or small chunks) 12ea
  • Asparagus tips( blanched)12ea
  • Extra virgin olive oil 2-3T
  • Salt and pepper as needed
Method of preparation
For eggs mix yolks, sofrito, mayo, and boursin together. if mixture is to runny add some additional boiled egg yolks. set yolk mixture in fridge until chilled. Pipe yolk mixture into egg white halves and top with chopped chives.
For sofrito cook down green and red bell pepper strips with garlic, salt and pepper(as needed), cumin and rosemary in olive oil. remove mix from heat and let cool. blend bell pepper mix in food processor until it becomes a puree(thick liquid mix).
For antipasti cups place salami round in greased muffin rounds(use the smallest muffin tins you can find, maybe size of a quarter-half dollar in diameter). Place another muffin tin of equal size down directly on top of 1st muffin tin so salami rounds will hold their cup shape. bake in 350 f oven until salami cups are crisp(keep a close eye on them). Once salami cups are crisp they will hold their shape when they cool down. When salami cups have cooled down, remove from muffin tin and fill each one with remaining ingredients and serve for a bite size appetizer.
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