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Cedar Smoked Salmon

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Cedar smoked salmon
Cedar wood or chips soaked (can use mesquite, pecan, hickory etc...) 2C
Salmon filets 8ozw  2ea
Bacon 4 slices
Olive oil 3T
Salt and pepper to taste
Mustard green pesto
Mustard greens chopped 1-2C
Olive oil as needed
Bacon chopped 2 slices
Shallot diced 1ea
Garlic chopped 3 cloves
Pecans chopped 1/4 C
White cheddar cheese 1/4 C
Salt and pepper to taste
Sweet potato au gratin
Sweet potato sliced paper thin 1/2ea
Butter 1 stick
Bechemel 1/2 C (see recipe)
Bread crumbs 1/4 C
Parmesan grated 2T
Shallots sliced and caramelized 1/4 C
Salt and pepper to taste
Heavy cream 1C
Flour 1T
Butter melted 1T
Clove ground 1/8t
Salt and pepper to taste
Method of Preparation
Rub salmon filets with oil, season and place on grill to smoke. Place chips directly on coals to create smoke. When smoking salmon on grill place fish on upper rack or on cool spot of grill(you just want smoke flavor to be imparted onto fish, you don't want fish to get cooked on grill all the way) After fish is smoked wrap each filet with 2 slices of bacon and place side of fish where bacon ends meet down on a baking sheet. Place fish in 350f oven and cook to internal temp. of 145f. For pesto saute bacon, shallot, garlic and pecans over med heat. Place bacon in skillet first so bacon fat can be used to saute other ingredients. After bacon and other ingredients have been cooked thoroughly toss in mustard greens and saute briefly, until greens are wilted. Remove from heat and let cool. Place all ingredients in food processor. While blending add cheddar and olive oil until mixture resembles a thick soup. Season with salt and pepper. For au gratin place 6-8 slices of sweet potato on greased baking sheet, place 2 thin pats of butter and just a pinch of S&P on sweet potatoes. Do this about 3 more times, one layer on top of the other. Top sweet potatoes with bechemel, bread crumbs, and parmesan and bake in 350f oven until potatoes are tender.
For bechemel place butter in sauce pot and melt over low heat, add flour and stir in. Now add heavy cream and bring to a boil(mixture should thicken up) season with clove and salt and pepper. If you need to thicken mixture some more just melt additional butter and add equal parts of flour to butter, creating a roux. bring cream mixture to a boil and add roux to make thicker. Good Luck and enjoy!
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