A family's fight for breast cancer awareness

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HARRISON COUNTY, W.Va (WDTV) -- In the wake of her death, Denise Biafore's family has taken an active role to raise awareness about breast cancer.

"I literally spent every day and every night with my mom taking care of her," said Alexia Burge, Biafore's daughter. "And just spending that time with her and bonding with her during her the last six months is just priceless."

Last year, the West Virginia woman left her job to take care of her mom. Six months later, in February of this year, Biafore passed away. She was just 52 years old.

"She was very passionate to raise awareness for Bonnie's Bus, which is a mobile mammography program that helps underprivileged women," Burge said.

This week, Burge and her grandmother, Sharon Gillespie, who is a breast cancer survivor, put their energy toward raising awareness about early detection and access.

The two stopped by My Little Cupcake in Clarksburg, West Virginia where the Harrison County Breast Cancer Awareness Committee was selling raffle tickets for the annual Elimination Dinner.

The event will be held October 21 at the Best western in Bridgeport.

"I just had to do something," Gillespie said. "I had to be there. I had to make people aware of this horrible disease."

Both put emphasis on education, reminding others that that's essential for early detection.

In the video above, Burge talks about what she wish she knew about breast cancer, before her mother's diagnosis in 2015.

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