ZooBuddies: Panther Chameleon

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Monroe, LA Meet Skittles! Skittles was donated to the zoo but is not currently on display. The males can grow up to 20 inches in length while females grow half that size. Males have more of a vibrate color than females, their colors are typically vibrant blue, while those from Ambilobe, Antsiranana, and Sambava are red, green or orange.

Courtesy: KNOE

It is a common misconception that chameleons of any kind can change color to match any color of their environments. All chameleons have a natural color range with which they are born, and is dictated by their species. It is affected by temperature, mood, and light. If, for example, the color purple is not within the range of colors to which their particular species can change, then they will never turn purple.