West Monroe couple recovers from flood and then gets burglarized

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OUACHITA PARISH, La. (KNOE 8 NEWS) - "Since we got it all back again and now it's gone again," says Quincey Hammett.


For the last ten months Hammett and his wife have been living with his aunt after they lost their home and everything in it because of the flooding in March. Now almost a year later they're still recovering and their car gets broken into.

"Just a stream of bad luck it's just one thing after another and it's just getting tiring and stressful," says Hammett.

He says last Thursday evening when they got into their truck the center console was open and papers were on the passenger seat and his hunting gear was missing.

"It's just sad because we literally lost that stuff during the flood and now we finally got it back and have been buying some stuff here and there just trying to accumulate it back up and now I finally got it back and now it's just gone again so I have to start all over again," says Hammett.

Locking his car every day Hammett says he's not even really sure how they did it.

"The only thing I can think of is they had a shimmy lock and they shimmed down by the glass and the rubber on the truck and some how popped the locked without making the alarm go off," says Hammett.

It's another life lesson learned for the newlywed couple who's just wants to move into their own place deep in the country.

"The best thing is we are just trying to get the house stuff moving so we can get out in the middle of nowhere," says Hammett.

For now Hammett says he's going to double and triple check that his doors stay locked and he's not leave any type of valuables in his truck. He is also encouraging others to do the same.