West Carroll school wants to bring in rehab center, community not all on board

WEST CARROLL, La (KNOE) - One community divided by one idea.

"We have a need in this community and we want to help people," Scott Garret, possible Revelation Station executive director, said.

School board members and the community agree the area has a drug problem.
That's why the board's president said the board wants to rent out Fiske Union School to a local church so they can turn it into a rehab center.

"We wanted to have some things in place. Then, offer public meetings to the community, because that was a must for us," Garret said.

Some people just don't want it by their homes.

"My biggest concern is safety. Not knowing who would be in our community. What would be their policies to keep them secure in that facility to keep them from wondering around in the streets and potentially causing harm," Clark Strange, a concerned parent, said.

Another concerned resident is a recovering drug addict.
She said the facility needs to be close to the church.

"Because, I'm telling you, as a drug addict, that really wants you to want to be. You just don't know how to do it," Tangie Chop said.

Others want it further from their home and move into the city limits.

"My solution would be some of the other abandoned facilities that we have around the parish. One would be 200 yards that way," Strange said.

"Why not help those people that are you family members get better instead of ignoring the problem and pretending like it doesn't exist," Chop said.

Another issue raised during Monday night's meeting is that the school board's president is also the pastor of the church.

He said that the facility would run as a non-profit and the rent money would go to the board.

Getting the board's approval to move forward with this project is only the first step.

No contract has been signed.