Waterproof police chief terminated after participating in rap video

Courtesy: KNOE 8 News
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WATERPROOF, La. (KNOE 8 News) - Waterproof's Mayor Caldwell Flood, Jr. blindsided by what he calls inappropriate behavior by the town's police chief. Recently, she appeared in a rap video that talks about drugs and drug dealing in the village.

The Waterproof Police Chief Valarie Clark seen chasing, and eventually arresting, a man who's running away from police. In the video, she's also using a village police car to chase the man.

It's something the mayor says goes too far.

"For a chief to do something like that, I think it's bad taste," Flood said.

The mayor says he never approved the chief's participation in the video. He says he only saw it after it hit social media.

"That hurt me more than anything else - that something's going on and I'm catching the tail end of it," he said, "If it's already public, if it's already on Facebook, it's everywhere."

On Wednesday, July 12th, he suspended her indefinitely.

"I wanted to try and nip it in the bud," Flood said.

In the paperwork, it cites "inappropriate behavior as an officer of the Village of Waterproof. the inappropriate behavior stems from your participation in a video of the Village of Waterproof."

"The only reason I said suspension and not termination is because termination is the end," Flood said. "It's serious."

One week later, Flood he made it permanent, terminating her.

after talking to Mayor Flood, KNOE went to find Chief Clark. We started at the Waterproof police station. We then knocked on her front door. We tried calling her too. After three tries, Clark called back to say, "I don't want to talk to nobody" and then hung up.

The chief's nephew, the artist in the video, said over the phone that his aunt was only trying to help his rap career. He also said at some point, Mayor Flood gave Clark written permission to be in the video.

It's still something he denies.

"I did not read any emails, I didn't sign anything, and I have not emailed anything back to anyone saying I approve," Flood said.

Approve or disapprove, this fictitious rap video has created real life problem in small town Louisiana.