Vicksburg's water crisis isn't breaking the city's spirit

Courtesy: KNOE 8 News
Courtesy: KNOE 8 News

VICKSBURG, La. (KNOE) - Vicksburg may only have to wait a few more days before the water is back on.

Mayor George Flaggs says crews have access to the broken pipe connecting the water treatment plant to the city. The broken part is thought to be a gasket, which Flaggs says is easy to repair.

However, Flaggs is still asking the city to be prepared for at least two more days without water.

Vicksburg's water crisis isn't breaking the city's spirit. Locals are getting through the days drinking, cooking and bathing with bottled water as they await repairs on the water system's broken pipe.

"Basically, it's been okay," says Mary Landers, owner of Levee Street Marketplace in downtown Vicksburg. "Everybody's pitching in and helping and getting water."

The water situation is not one anyone could have planned for, but people like Landers and Peggy Dudley are getting through it.

"I mean, you can't take a bath. You can't clean clothes, but as long as I can get some water in the lavatory and use baby wipes, I'm fine," says Dudley.

Her nephew, Charles Dudley, says there is just something about Vicksburg that shines through dark times.

"My family grew up here, we came from here, and my family needs us, so we step up," Charles says. "That's what we do, in Mississippi, that's what we do."

Charles does not live in the city anymore, but he was quick to come to his family's aid when he heard about the water crisis.

"They're kind of scrounging around looking for water, and they can't because it's hard to find it. So, I bought water in Clinton and drove it over here because they need it."

His aunt Peggy expects nothing less.

"Well, he's my nephew. I expect that from my family," she says.