The temperatures and heat index will be climbing this week

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(KNOE 8 Weather) - Showers and storms out there today seem to be staying mainly south of I-20, except in Union County, Arkansas near El Dorado. Not too much lightning with these storms, mainly some heavy downpours so watch for ponding on the roadways if you head out this evening. We do expect these showers to die out rather quickly once the sun sets tonight as well. This morning the low temperature here in the Twin Cities was 74, so a fairly mild morning out there but muggy nonetheless. We'll see slight rain coverage through monday and then that decreases once higher pressure builds in towards mid week. During that time the heat index could also reach upwards of 105 - 110 degrees. Right now we are still hot and muggy out there with temperatures right around 90 and dew points in the mid 70s, so definitely sticky out there this afternoon. As we go into the overnight hours, expect that temperature to drop into the mid 70s near the dew point, and since we'll have mostly clear skies and a calm wind, patchy fog could develop late in the overnight to very early morning hours especially in areas that saw rain today. Tomorrow we'll see mostly sunny skies and less rain again, with better coverage south of I-20. You can see those heat indices tomorrow will once again be in the lower 100s. Over the next week, we'll see that rain coverage decrease mid to late week, meaning that there's a slight chance for rain but only for a few of us. Hot and humid out there with temperatures reaching the mid 90s towards middle of the week with heat indices reaching upwards of 105 - 110, so we'll continue to watch for any heat advisories being issued for us. Make sure to stay hydrated if you plan to spend longer periods of time outdoors and try to take frequent breaks as well. Overnight lows will remain slightly above average for this time in July, hovering right around 74.