Showers and Thunderstorms Possible for Tomorrow

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So we've had a pretty dry September only getting a little over a third of an inch of rainfall and we are about 3 inches below average for the month of September, but overall since January 1st we are nearly eight and a half inches above average! Even though we've had a bit of a dry September we're not under any drought conditions yet, at least here in Louisiana, but parts of western Union County in Arkansas are a tad on the dry side.

As we check out that doppler radar we're not seeing anything that's going to help these drier conditions around our area, but well off to our Southeast an area of low pressure just to the west of Florida in the Gulf of Mexico is bringing plenty of rain to them. That area of low pressure will continue to move a little bit westward around the backside of an area of high pressure, with a very low chance for development as it continues to move along. Another cluster of showers and thunderstorms over Puerto Rico will continue to move westward as well, but not looking good for tropical development as this time.

Here in our backyard, temperatures are in the mid 60s,with this really nice breeze from the north that's helping keep that drier weather in our area for at least today. Overnight tonight we'll see mostly clear skies and 63 degrees, so pretty comfortable out there and the Northeast wind will continue through the overnight, but then tomorrow we'll see the return of a little more moisture due to southeasterly winds around 5 to 10 miles per hour. Temperatures right about 85, but could be a little warmer in areas that don't see any of the afternoon showers and thunderstorms that are possible. We should have a few more clouds overhead tomorrow than what we saw today so that will at least help keep those temperatures near the average mark.

Over the next seven days we'll really just see the rain chances to end the weekend and start the work week, but they won't be all day events... should be contained to the afternoon hours. Then we should start clear out by Thursday and Friday when we'll see temperatures bit warmer then as we see more sunshine.