Sexual assault survivors take to Capitol Hill to protest Jeff Sessions nomination

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) - Confirmation hearings begin this week for Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL), President-elect Donald Trump’s pick for attorney general. A women’s advocacy group took to Capitol Hill to express its disapproval of his nomination.

Hans Von Spakovsky, senior fellow at Heritage foundation, says opposition groups are making baseless claims about Sessions.

"We do not trust Senator Jeff Sessions," said Sophie H., a volunteer with UltraViolet, a women's advocacy group.

Sophie is a sexual assault survivor. She doesn’t think Sessions cares about her struggles. UltraViolet members traveled to Capitol Hill Monday, to voice their opposition to Sessions’ nomination as attorney general.

"We are not going to be just passive about this, and that we’re going to hold you responsible," said Sophie. "And you need to be looking out for our best interests."

She wants Sessions to withdraw his nomination, citing his opposition to sexual assault legislation like the Violence Against Women Act. And after video was leaked of Trump bragging about being able to grope women, Sessions said he didn’t characterize it as sexual assault.

"I would like him to admit that he is unsure about what sexual assault is, take a pledge to understand more, to meet with survivors," said Sophie.

The group presented Sessions’ Senate office with a poster donning the definition of sexual assault according to the Department of Justice, the branch he’d be running. They say to be fit to run the DOJ, he has to learn what it means.

"He’s going to get confirmed, but it’s clear that some folks want to make his confirmation as unpleasant as possible," said Hans Von Spakovsky, a senior fellow at the conservative Heritage Foundation.

He says the groups protesting his appointment are making baseless claims.

"There’s nothing in the record of Senator Sessions that indicates that he’s not going to enforce all of the federal laws, particularly the Violence Against Women Act, the way it’s supposed to be enforced," said Von Spakovsky.

The confirmation hearing for the Senator begins Tuesday morning in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

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