Richardson twins of West Monroe get special care at St. Francis Hospital NICU

(KNOE) - To see Nick and Whitney Richardson walking along the Ouachita riverfront as their little Mattie takes some of her first steps, you’d never know, she came into this world nearly ten weeks early. Mattie and twin brother Brice were due Oct. 18. But Whitney started having kidney complications. The doctors and nurses at St. Francis Hospital in Monroe said these babies are coming today. That was July 21.

“I didn’t get to see them and they had to go work on Brice. They had to resuscitate him. Mattie was 2.5 ounces and Brice was 1.15 ounces,” said Whitney Richardson, mother of Mattie and Brice.

“It feels like a blur but a lot of the times it feels like the shortest day of your life and the longest day,” said Nick Richardson, father of Maddie and Brice.

Baby Brice needed help just to eat and breathe. And Whitney still needed medical attention for the kidney problem. So Mom didn’t get to see her babies as much as a new mother under normal birthing conditions.

“They took care of those babies and they loved on them like they were their own kids. Like Nick said, we could never repay all the doctors and nurses for what they did for them. They were just amazing,” said Whitney Richardson.

Brice and Mattie may have gotten off to a slow start but Brice says try and catch me now. These two little ones will have quite the story to tell about how they started their life journey.