Reports: Iowa couple among victims in airport shooting

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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) -- Affiliate WOWT has confirmed a Council Bluffs, Iowa couple was among the victims of a deadly shooting at an airport in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Their source says Michael and Kari Oehme were shot. Kari was injured in the shooting, and Michael was killed. A witness said the couple was about to go on a cruise.

The witness, Mark Lea, recounted the scene.

“We were down at baggage claim to just pick up our bags and get ready to wheel them out toward the hotel shuttles and kind of heard three quick bursts of what, initially, I thought was a firecracker," he said. “They start screaming, yelling and running for the exits that were close by to them."

It wasn't long before Lea says he raced back inside the airport comforting victims he says were from Council Bluffs.

“Did not know her any way, shape or form,” Lea said. “I saw that she was down and injured in a pool of blood, which was hers and just stopped to help and console her, and kind of minimize her from going further into shock."

According to Lea, the woman he helped said she was on the way to a cruise with her husband. While Lea did what he could to keep that woman calm, he kept a close eye on the situation.

"Watching where the shooter was, what he was doing and kind of staying out of his line of sight and more importantly his line of fire," he said.

It all came to a quick and quiet end.

“Probably about two dozen shots,” he said. “Lasted about 45 seconds until he kind of walked back to where he initially was shooting, dropped his gun, went down on the ground face down."

Lea told WOWT it took several hours before those inside the airport were able to even leave.

Another traveler in the airport at the time of the shootings was Nancy Deckert, of Omaha, Nebraska. She was traveling with her mother, heading back to Omaha, when they heard popping noises in the distance.

"We were waiting for our plane,” she said. “We had just got sat down when there were shots fired and people started running in a big stampede toward us to get out of the airport."

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