Recent fire house break in leave folks on Breard St. nervous

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MONROE, La. (KNOE 8 News) - Cynthia Harris has lived on Breard Street for almost ten years. She says she never hears about break-ins.

Courtesy: KNOE 8 News

"Nope, never," Harris said. "Not on this street. No."

That is, until Tuesday morning, when just across the street, at the local fire house, officials say a man hopped a fence laced in barbed wire, shattered some of the firefighters' car windows and stole their belongings.

"That's scary," Harris said.

And for her next-door neighbor Dustin Boyett, it's not just scary.

"[It's] Shocking," Boyett said. "Like I said we've lived here for a while and we've never had any problems. Kind of makes you a little nervous about it. But, really, I am shocked."

Perhaps more shocking is a break-in at another fire house, just two days earlier.

This one at the Public Safety Center, where early Sunday morning, police say a man used a five pound dumbbell to shatter the front window and get inside.

Toney Middleton is charged with simple burglary, and simple criminal damage to property. Meantime, the alleged car thief is still out on the loose, which has people on Breard St. using extra caution.

"We never answer the door if we don't know the people, because we never know who it could be," Boyett said.

"Well, we have a big dog, so...But really, maybe we shoud keep things better lit around this area," Harris said.

It's an area they used to think was safe.