Possible Mississippi state record buck taken on public land

Cropped Photo: Courtesy: EPA
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PORT GIBSON, Miss. (AP) - Mississippi officials believe a hunter may have just broken the state's record for the largest buck killed on public land.

Josh Clark tells The Clarion-Ledger that he noticed signs of a large deer Dec. 12 at Canemount Wildlife Management Area in Claiborne County. It wasn't until two days later, though, that Clark finally spotted the animal and took his shot from a tree stand, killing the 18-point buck.

One unofficial score put the deer at 205 inches, which would make it the highest gross-scoring typical on record in Mississippi. Subsequent scores were closer to 200 inches.

The antlers are required to dry for 60 days before the deer can be officially scored. It will need a net score higher than 184 ¾ inches to become the next state record.