New Wildlife and Fisheries secretary tours Louisiana to talk with Legislators

Courtesy: KNOE
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MONROE, La (KNOE 8 News) - Picturesque rivers and lakes, something many north Louisianians and most of the state can find either in their backyards or right around the corner.

The new Wildlife and Fisheries secretary says the governor gave him a very specific goal to make sure that view and what comes with it doesn't change.

"John Bel told me from day one he wants to maintain that status being the sportsman's paradise in the country, certainly that's what one of my major goals is going to be to maintain that status, but also if we can't grow that to some extent, says Jack Montoucet, Louisiana's Wildlife and Fisheries secretary.

Going to Wildlife and Fisheries districts around the state and visiting with legislators. He's trying to figure out key issues in each area, such as Salvinia, which is a type of floating fern that grows in bodies of water killing fish and limiting recreation.

"We've put that on the top of our list as one the things another issue that we've had is red snapper and the federal regulation concerning red snapper fishing," says Montoucet.

He says Chronic Waste Disease is also an issue they are really concerned about, which affects the deer population.

"We're surrounded by states that have the disease we have not identified the disease in Louisiana yet so my concern is to try to keep that disease out of our state because I can tell you it can ruin a deer population overnight," says Montoucet.

Local representatives also brought up the feral hog problem affecting farmers in north Louisiana.

Montoucet encourages everyone to reach out to his office with any problems or issues.