Movie prop money from China leads to a Farmerville woman's arrest

Fake 100 dollar bills from Asia. (Photo: FPD)

Police in Farmerville, Louisiana say someone was trying to pass off movie prop money for the real thing.

It's not hard to get and, fortunately, it's not hard to spot either.

Police say the money comes from China and is used in film productions in which U.S. dollars are needed.

At a glance, it might look pretty realistic. That is until you take into account the giant Chinese symbols on both sides of the bills.

It's those symbols which may have led to the arrest of Laura Davis. She's accused of passing off this fake money at a local business.

Davis is facing a charge of monetary instrument abuse.

Police say you can get the money online, but don't try to spend it unless you're on a set because the only thing it can really get you is a trip to jail.