Monroe City's water system tests negative for brain-eating amoeba

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MONROE, La. (KNOE 8 News) - On Thursday, Louisiana Department of Health tests came back negative for the brain-eating amoeba in the City of Monroe's water system.

Courtesy: KNOE 8 News

The city had the system tested in direct response to the amoeba's presence in the North Monroe Water System, which is operated by Greater Ouachita Water Company.

The City of Monroe sells their water to GOWC to distribute through the North Monroe Water System, and has always maintained their chlorine levels were too high for an amoeba to form in their system.

They say the test was for the people, to assure them that the city's system is working correctly.

System manager Sean Benton said even though the results came back clear, the city wants to do even more to ensure water safety.

"We want to do a little bit more as far as flushing the water system as a whole though," Benton said. "We want to make sure the quality leaving the plant is the same quality delivered to everybody's homes. So, with increased monitoring, and testing, and flushing and maintenance of the system it'll keep us in good shape."

Greater Ouachita Water said in a statement, "In compliance with the requirements from the LDHH, the GOWC has successfully commenced and is under a chlorine burn at the North Monroe Water System. Current actions as part of the process include flushing of water mains and testing water quality to confirm a sustained concentration of chlorine is maintained. The LDHH has confirmed that drinking water is safe to consume, but emphasizes that residents should take certain precautions. Details can be found at"