Lovebugs taking over the ArkLaMiss: where did they come from?

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MONROE, La. (KNOE 8 News) - There seems to be a love-hate relationship between the public and lovebugs. While they can be quite annoying, they actually serve a purpose.

Courtesy: KNOE 8 News

Kerry Heafner with the LSU Ag Center says they pollinate a good deal of Louisiana's native wildflowers and they don't sting or bite.

But, why are there so many of them? Heafner says it's because of the wet summer we had this year, and all the grass clippings from mowing also serves as a breeding ground.

So while they may be good for the environment, they aren't so good for your car. Heafner says they can do serious damage to the paint, but that's not all.

"There are reports of cars having their radiators clogged up because
the driver will drive through such a thick swarm of these insects," says Heafner. "I haven't heard of that happening here, but there have been reports of that."

So the question remains, how much longer will these critters stick around? Heafner says no need to worry, they shouldn't be here much longer.

"Probably within the next couple of weeks," says Heafner. "We've already seen them for the past couple of weeks, so I would say as we dry out a little more, they're numbers should start declining..."

In the meantime, Heafner says your best bet is to wash the lovebugs off your car within two to three days to prevent any further complications.