Louisiana state retail sales tax discount Friday, Saturday

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) - Shoppers get a discount on Louisiana's state retail sales tax on many purchases this weekend.

People will pay 3 percent state sales tax instead of 5 percent Friday and Saturday on most items, including back-to-school supplies, electronics and appliances.

The exemption covers $2,500 of the price on each eligible item.

For instance, state Department of Revenue spokesman Byron Henderson says someone buying a $2,500 flat-screen TV and a $2,500 refrigerator would pay 3 percent tax on each item, rather than 5 percent. That would work out $100 total savings.

If something cost $2,800, the full 5 percent tax would be charged on $300 of the cost.

The exemption doesn't apply to vehicles that must be titled and licensed, or to restaurants or taxable services such as laundry or hotel rooms.

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