Louisiana lawmakers sworn in to 115th Congress

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- He survived the jungle primary and the runoff election. Now, less than a month after his big win, Republican John Kennedy takes his oath as Louisiana’s junior senator.

“Happy. Excited. Humbled," said Kennedy on Tuesday.

It’s a different kind of job for the former state treasurer. It’s his first time working on the legislative side of government.

“I’m ready to get started cutting taxes. I’m ready to get started getting rid of some of these regulations that are strangling small business men and women in America," said Kennedy.

Kennedy will work on the Appropriations, Banking, Budget, Judiciary, and Small Business Committees.

“We’re going to do the repeal of Obamacare through the Budget Committee through a process called reconciliation. We’re going to get started immediately," he explained.

Over in the House, new Fourth District Congressman Mike Johnson is ready to repeal and replace.

“I think the people of my District, for sure, have had it with Obamacare," said Johnson.

The constitutional law attorney knows Kennedy from their time in Baton Rouge, and he’s looking forward to working with the Louisiana delegation.

“We’ll work very hard everyday to bring about what we said on the campaign trail – ‘a true American revival.’ I think the time is here for that," said Johnson.

The two new lawmakers join a Louisiana delegation of congressional veterans, including Fifth District Congressman Ralph Abraham.

“I’ve sat beside [Johnson] on the House floor already. We’ve talked to them outside of the House. Getting them schooled up on what to expect – the procedures, the process. And just getting around this place," said Abraham.

Vice President-elect Mike Pence is scheduled to meet with GOP lawmakers Wednesday, while President Obama plans to do the same for the Democrats.

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