Local union city employees stand up to Monroe City Council

MONROE, LA (KNOE) - Robert Johnson stood in front of council members Tuesday night demanding he see a change in the way city employees are treated.
He's the president of the local American Federation of State and County Municipal Employee Union.

"There is no way we should be going up on bus rates, no way we should be laying off employees, no way we should be shutting down recreation centers, because we don't have the funds to project the 4 million dollar deficit, when we already have the money they already got," Johnson said.

Monroe Mayor Jamie Mayo said he meets with the union every month, and he's tried giving the the members what they want.

"We've given about eight or nine raises. What we've learned is you can never make everyone happy," Mayo said.

Johnson said that's not enough. They want something specific.

"The city of Monroe employees get a good cost of living wages, not just raises," Johnson said.

"We've raised the minimum wage, which is very well documented. We did some other things, but they turned it down," Mayo said.

Johnson also said people aren't provided enough city services.

The mayor said there's about 1,200 city workers and about 12 departments.