Local twins nearly drown in swimming pool

OUACHITA PARISH, La (KNOE) - Jeannie Kelley experienced a mother's worst nightmare.

"They were gone when we walked outside," she said. "We saw blue, lifeless corpses laying on our pool patio."

She said a group of kids were playing outside her West Monroe home when she heard a scream.

She ran outside and thought her sons, Issac and Kaden drowned.

Six-year-old Branson Lee said he did what he had to do.

"I went head first and picked them out of the water," Lee said.

He said he saw the boys floating in the pool, so he jumped in to save them, then got them up on the concrete.

Kelley said she and her husband started CPR.

It saved the twins before it was too late.

Kelley said all she could do was pray.

"Don't bring my boys back to me to suffer in life without the life that they so obviously have. So full of energy...and he did."

Moments later, they were happy and alive.

"I was happy that the twins didn't die and it didn't happen to them," Lee said.

"I was blown away by God's goodness, because that was not the outcome I was expecting," Kelley said.

She said God answered her prayers, but he had a little help.

"My nephew pulling them out of the pool- and he can't even swim. So it's amazing that they landed in the shallow end."

Kelley said doctors told her if they weren't grabbed from the water when they were, they would have died.