Local man braves the storm in Key West

MONROE, La. (KNOE) - A local man decided to brave the storms in Florida.

Bob Holladay manages radio stations in Monroe and Key West.
He says his radio station is important because people there can only listen to the radio for updates. FEMA and other emergency response crews are coming to them to send messages because it is the only form of communication. Most phone and internet services are down because of the storm.

Holladay said the station was designed to withstand hurricanes like Irma in order to be a service to others.

"With any emergency, natural disaster, or need, that’s where local radio stations shine,” he said. “You don't ask your people to be in harm’s way without being there with them."

Holladay says the damage there is huge. He says most of the damage around the radio station is due to trees being snatched from the ground and thrown around like twigs.

Holladay is planning to stay as long as he's needed.