MCSB holds hearing for Excellence Academy

MONROE, LA (KNOE) A federal judge ordered the Monroe City School Board to give Excellence Academy a chance to defend itself against what the charter school called a flawed recommendation.
In the hearing Tuesday, Ten Square, LLC, the agency that did the report, defended its side over the phone.

"She had no documents as you saw today the question is you can't give something so serious as closing the school down when you have no documents," said Roosevelt Wright Jr., the school's executive director.

The lawyers representing the school argued the performing-arts based school is ranked second among Monroe junior high schools in the last three years. They also showed the school has a clean audit and has a good governing body.

"I haven't heard everything that I desire to hear because today," said Rodeny McFarland, the MCSB president. "It seemed it was he say she say and we need more documents then I will reconvene."

McFarland said he wants to see hard facts before the board votes again.

"We wanted to give Excellence Academy a fair hearing and that's exactly what happened on today," McFarland said.

Excellence academy disagrees.

"It would only be fair if everyone was present and given the ample time without people saying I had to go to work I don't have time to hear you out," Wright said.

Which is why the school is taking legal action, again.

"The law says you shall give them their fifth year and that's all there is to it," said Wright.

The lawsuit is requesting that Monroe City Schools honor one more year on excellence's charter.

"This issue could have been resolved at the board meeting when we voted if someone would had signed up to speak," said McFarland.
"No one signed up for our board meeting."

The Monroe City School Board is expected to make a decision on honoring the charter in the next two weeks.