Empire Washitaw Dougdemonia celebrates 40 years

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RICHWOOD, La. (KNOE 8 News) - The Washitaw Nation in Richwood is celebrating 40 years of Empire Washitaw Dougedemonia.

The anniversary consist of a three day event to honor their empress who was also the first mayor of Richwood.

On Sunday they celebrated with an spiritual celebration to look back at the work and progress their empress had set forth for the Washitaw Nation.

"She is the founder of Richwood, she put together a lot of things there in Richwood that probably wouldn't have never had been if it wouldn't have been for her," says Event Specialist Charles Burk.

Their main celebration is Monday at Old Richwood High School from ten to eight.

If you would like to join in on their conferences calls the numbers are below.

Our Sunday Night Conference Call is 605-475-5920 access code is 396135#
with Daulpin Joe 7pm EST

Our Monday Night Call Letter Writing Campaign to get our Land marked off from 1848 Supreme Court Case "The Tunner Heirs Vs The United States". 712-775-7035 access code is 905563# 7pm MST

Our Wednesday Night Call for the reading of the book " Return Of The Ancient Ones " by Empress Verdiacee Tiara Washitaw - Tunner Houston El-Bey
641-715-0700 access code is 597871#

Our Thursday Night Call for Royal Imperial Genealogy 605-475-6720 access code is 2745372#