Council member threatens to shut down club in Downtown Monroe

MONROE, La (KNOE) - There was another recent shooting in Downtown Monroe, and now Councilman Kenneth Wilson wants to close it.

He threatened to shut it down during a council meeting Tuesday night. He blames Club Nuvvo for the crime problem.

It's been an on-going battle between some council members and the club on whether it needs to be shut down.

"Close it down, where else they gone go? To another club, another street, another ally and fight and shoot? So you're going to close everything down," Tyrone "K9" Dickens, the club's manager, said.

Wilson said he has a job to do and he'll do whatever it takes to get it done.

"Certainly, I'm here to protect the elderly, if it causes for closing it down in my district, I will do that," Wilson said.

People who live a few blocks away in Francis Tower said enough is enough.
They want more police to patrol the area.

Club management said officers are always out there, so that's not the issue.

"The young people are the ones doing it, taking something from them you gone put them somewhere else then what's going to happen, they're breaking in and shooting everywhere," Dickens said.

Wilson said it doesn't just effect downtown, but the entire city.

"We lose a lot of resources when something happens when those officers are out there and the areas of Monroe are not being protected," Wilson said.

Wilson doesn't have the power to shut the club down, but he can vote not renew its liquor license, which could hurt its business.