City of Bastrop announces new city attorneys

Bastrop, La (KNOE) - Things got heated at Thursday night's city council meeting in Bastrop.

After three hours of back and fourth between the mayor and council members, two attorneys were chosen to represent the city of Bastrop.

It wasn't a quick decision.

Attorney James Pierre had to explain to the council why he felt he should stay one of the city attorney's.

"Y'all don't even know me. I'm here to serve you all and make your community better," he said.

The issue stemmed from this year's mayoral election.
Councilman Robert Shaw says he wanted to keep the previous city attorney instead.

"He was more experienced he had a proven record. We had no violations of ethics," said Shaw. "And, he's kept us on track."

Mayor Henry Cotton said the ball wasn't in his park to keep the previous attorney.

"I never thought that Mr. Pierre was still the city attorney. He was the only attorney who came to work. He didn't quit and I didn't fire him," Cotton said.

According to the city's charter, the mayor has the authority of who he wants to serve as the city's attorney.

He wanted James Duncan and Pierre.

The council members have the right to give their opinion, and they did.

"We work hard to move Bastrop forward and we're going to continue to do that," said Shaw.

The council and the mayor came to the agreement that Jones will take care of all the criminal cases while Pierre will take over the civil cases.