CURE meeting works to find solutions for crime and education in Bastrop

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BASTROP, La. (KNOE 8 News) - Cure also known as for Citizens United to Reform and Empower hosted their monthly meeting on Saturday.

Courtesy: KNOE

They talked about ways to help Bastrop solve issues facing the city, while also trying to get everyone informed about what's going on there.

"It's about getting the community empowered, number one they have to understand and have an understanding of what's going on around them so, that they want to get involved," says Chairman Chastity Kennedy.

Empowering people to make the community better, that's exactly what Kennedy says Saturday's cure meeting was all about. Focusing on violence, especially with teens and trying to make a real change.

"You can talk about the problems as you heard within the meeting. We can talk about the problems all day, but now we need to talk about the solutions and how to get to the root of the problem," says Kennedy.

Solutions like getting the churches involved and giving kids something positive to do.

Education was also a major issue talked about and it's one Jay Blackmon-Williams says the city needs to improve.

"We have to get our children energized and happy about education again. We need to bring our teachers back and we need a school board that's going to work in conjunction with every other agency in this parish, and every other institution in the city in order to be able to solve the problems that we face," says Blackmon-Williams.

Problems the organization says will take everyone's effort to solve, but before they can solve them, they have to start the conversation.

"Everyone needs to be talking about this, everyone needs to be discussing it, because it's vital for our community and it's going to take the entire community to solve it," says Blackmon-Williams.

The group also encouraged their own members to attend city council and school board meetings, and to bring family and friends with them too.

That way they can actually talk to city leaders about making a change.