A new dog leash could soon be available

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MONROE, La. (KNOE) - A new, safer dog leash could soon be available, and the inventor is from right here in the Twin Cities.

Ian Blaylock and his dog, Duke, love to run near the levee in Monroe and Blaylock says, "I just wanted to design and good retractable leash to work for me."

His wheels started spinning after one day when he was running with Duke. Duke spotted another dog running loose and took off after it. It happened so quick it ripped the leash from Blaylock's hand, causing him to fall and sprain his ankle. Enter the "streamleash"

"This actually puts you back in control. You take away his free will to go roam and do whatever he wants. You still can give him a longer leash length if you want to, but you just control it now so that he doesn't get to choose to take more or less." Blaylock says.

It fits on your wrist like a glove, instead of just being held in the palm of your hand. All you have to do is squeeze the handle to adjust the length, and once you release the handle it clicks in place.

So they set a goal of selling $55,000 worth of leashes in 30 days on kickstarter.

Blaylock says, "The numbers are out there, there are a lot of dog owners, but I just have to make people aware about the leash, and they just have to be willing to go to the kickstarter page and make a contribution."

Like Duke, he's hoping this idea will take off and eventually hopes to take the product nationally.

"The only thing is, when you go on Shark Tank you want to have some revenue. If you don't have any revenue, they'll eat you alive." He says.

He also hopes to give back to the community too, "Me and my wife have both been thinking about how we want to donate to the cause of homeless dogs. The ultimate goal is you want to just get rid of the problem all together."

If you're interested in learning more about the Streamleash, or ordering one for yourself head on over to www.Streamleash.com and there you can find the link to the kickstarter page. That's where you click the link called "Back This Project" and you can choose one of 9 options.

Also head to their facebook page, just type streamleash in the search bar.