Senator Neil Riser proposes state income tax exemption for flood victims


BATON ROUGE, La. - State Senator Neil Riser is filing legislation to exempt flood victims from paying state income tax in 2017.

"Louisiana flood victims are still suffering," Riser said. "They still need our help, and exempting them from paying state income tax is one idea that we need to consider," he said.

Under Riser's proposal, the first $100,000 of income that a family earns in 2017 would be exempt from state income tax if the family sustained $10,000 or more of losses during 2016 flooding.

"Hard working people who have paid their taxes for their entire lives have lost everything they own. I don't think giving them a break for a year is unreasonable," Riser said.

"We can't sit around and wait for FEMA or other government agencies to get their acts together," he said. "The least we can do is provide some relief from the state income tax for these families so they can use that money to rebuild their lives."