$10,000 worth of Christmas gifts stolen from Rayville family on New Years Eve

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RAYVILLE, La. (KNOE 8 News) - $10,000 worth of Christmas gifts and valuables were stolen from a Rayville family on New Years Eve. A majority of the family was next door at church when it happened.

Courtesy: KNOE
Courtesy: KNOE

"They had a real good Christmas at my expense," Deanna Hubbard said.

Hubbard says she was at work, and her sons at church within eyesight of the home, when someone broke in just after midnight New Years Eve.

"Not only did they take the TV off the wall, they just snatched them off. We had plugs, we had all kind of TV parts on the floor," Hubbard said.

Hubbard says they came back home to find parts of their house destroyed, their stuff scattered all over the floor and the door to her son's room ripped off the hinges.

Her son Jordan is getting ready to go off to college, but now he'll be hitting the road without a laptop, printer or peace of mind. He says all of his personal information was on the laptops taken from their home.

"I wasn't even able to sleep just thinking about whether someone else could come back in, just as easily as they did," Jordan Hubbard said.

Deanna says she's keeping the faith Rayville Police will find the person responsible, but she refuses to replace any of the stolen items right now.

"I'm so scared to go buy anything until I secure my house," Deanna Hubbard said. "No sense in letting them keep stealing everything."

They're planning to meet with insurance and security companies later in the week.

We talked to Rayville Police. They don't have a suspect yet, but they've taken down the serial numbers from the stolen items, and they're hoping to have answers soon.